plan-de-salvacionPlan de Salvación

Plan de Salvación



exodus-2022-2236Exodus 20:22-22:36

Exodus 20:22-22:36

para-que-nos-congregamos-como-iglesiaPara Que Nos Congregamos Como Iglesia

Para Que Nos Congregamos Como...

8-april-2018-am8 April 2018 AM

8 April 2018 AM

dab-april-20-2018-1DAB April 20 - 2018

DAB April 20 - 2018

authentic-christianityAuthentic Christianity

Authentic Christianity

humility-anointing-and-mantels-pt-1Humility- Anointing and Mantels Pt 1

Humility- Anointing and Mantel...

trophy-of-graceTrophy of Grace

Trophy of Grace



full-redemptionFull Redemption!

Full Redemption!

orphans-embracedOrphans Embraced

Orphans Embraced

76-broken-faith-deuteronomy-3251-52#76 Broken Faith, Deuteronomy 32.51-52

#76 Broken Faith, Deuteronomy...

overcoming-anxiety-over-worldly-circumstances-follow-meOvercoming Anxiety Over Worldly Circumstances, Follow Me

Overcoming Anxiety Over Worldl...

exodus-23-24Exodus 23 & 24

Exodus 23 & 24

stressbusters-series-part-4-gods-antidote-to-indecisionStressbusters Series (Part 4) - God's Antidote to Indecision

Stressbusters Series (Part 4)...



dab-april-19-2018-1DAB April 19 - 2018

DAB April 19 - 2018

manna-3-the-texture-of-harvest-part-1-pastor-kenny-smithManna 3: The Texture of Harvest Part 1 (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Manna 3: The Texture of Harves...

personal-responsibility-love-pastor-chad-braleyPersonal Responsibility - Love - Pastor Chad Braley

Personal Responsibility - Love...



the-growth-institute-6The Growth Institute (6)

The Growth Institute (6)

revelation-bible-study-chapter-22-part-2Revelation Bible Study Chapter 22 Part 2

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

transmission-part-1Transmission (Part 1)

Transmission (Part 1)

disciples-indeedDisciples Indeed

Disciples Indeed

prayer-and-hearing-god-session-2Prayer and Hearing God Session 2

Prayer and Hearing God Session...

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots-23On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS 23

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots-22On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS 22

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots-24On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS 24

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

part-2-killer-emotionsPart 2 Killer Emotions

Part 2 Killer Emotions

heart-of-the-city-radio-apr-19-2018-episode-167-52-min-first-aired-11917Heart of the City Radio – Apr 19, 2018 (Episode 167) 52 min. First aired 1/19/17.

Heart of the City Radio – Apr...

bible-study-david-lesson-24-the-end-of-an-eraBIBLE STUDY: David Lesson 24 - The End of an Era

BIBLE STUDY: David Lesson 24 -...

why-use-the-internetWhy Use the Internet?

Why Use the Internet?

at-the-kings-tableAt the King's Table

At the King's Table

april-15-2018April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

hold-me-upHold Me Up!

Hold Me Up!

ep48-kevin-sorbo-and-sam-sorboEp48. Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo

Ep48. Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorb...

75-choose-life-deuteronomy-3015-19#75 Choose Life, Deuteronomy 30.15-19

#75 Choose Life, Deuteronomy 3...

overcoming-anxiety-over-worldly-circumstances-overcoming-fearOvercoming Anxiety Over Worldly Circumstances, Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Anxiety Over Worldl...

dab-april-18-2018-1DAB April 18 - 2018

DAB April 18 - 2018

have-you-received-the-holy-ghost-since-you-believedHave You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed

Have You Received The Holy Gho...



the-bread-that-calls-us-home-bedeThe Bread that Calls Us Home (Bede)

The Bread that Calls Us Home (...

t2c3-2018-04-15T2C3 2018 04 15

T2C3 2018 04 15

psalm-119Psalm 119

Psalm 119

prayer-lll-hallow-his-namePrayer lll: Hallow His Name

Prayer lll: Hallow His Name

be-the-church-intro-talkBe The Church intro talk

Be The Church intro talk

gods-timing-april-15thGod's Timing - April 15th

God's Timing - April 15th

a-price-to-follow-jesusA Price To Follow Jesus

A Price To Follow Jesus

full-seriesFULL series

FULL series

april-15-2018-worship-youth-sundayApril 15 2018 Worship: Youth Sunday

April 15 2018 Worship: Youth S...

mist-part-ii-turn-it-upside-downMIST PART II TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN


pastor-ken-dutton-april-15-2018Pastor Ken Dutton, April 15, 2018

Pastor Ken Dutton, April 15, 2...

finding-gods-will-videoFinding God's Will (Video)

Finding God's Will (Video)

finding-gods-will-sermon-onlylFinding God's Will (Sermon Onlyl)

Finding God's Will (Sermon Onl...

finding-gods-will-worship-serviceFinding God's Will (Worship Service)

Finding God's Will (Worship Se...

living-in-the-powerLiving in the power

Living in the power

vision-checkVision Check!

Vision Check!

180415-life-is-a-journey180415 Life is a Journey

180415 Life is a Journey

74-man-shall-not-live-by-bread-alone-deuteronomy-83#74 Man shall not live by bread alone, Deuteronomy 8.3

#74 Man shall not live by brea...

fruto-para-dios-y-en-diosFruto para Dios y en Dios

Fruto para Dios y en Dios

what-has-it-cost-you-to-be-a-christian-this-week-part-2What Has it Cost You to Be A Christian This Week?  part 2

What Has it Cost You to Be A C...

youth-sunday-2018Youth Sunday 2018

Youth Sunday 2018

what-has-it-cost-you-to-be-a-christian-this-week-part-1What Has it Cost You to Be A Christian This Week? -  part 1

What Has it Cost You to Be A C...

controlling-your-thoughts-colossians-31-3Controlling Your Thoughts, Colossians 3:1-3

Controlling Your Thoughts, Col...

dab-april-17-2018-1DAB April 17 - 2018

DAB April 17 - 2018



what-is-gods-plan-for-youWhat is God's Plan For You?

What is God's Plan For You?

4-15-worship4-15 Worship

4-15 Worship

trevor-darr04152018Trevor Darr04152018

Trevor Darr04152018

stop-with-the-negotiating-bedeStop With The Negotiating! (Bede)

Stop With The Negotiating! (Be...

luke-736-50Luke 7:36-50

Luke 7:36-50

prayer-under-pressure-the-great-disconnect-4-15-18Prayer Under Pressure- The Great Disconnect (4-15-18)

Prayer Under Pressure- The Gre...

apply-the-talkApply the talk

Apply the talk

jesus-is-a-person-not-a-placeJesus is a Person not a place

Jesus is a Person not a place

7-lies-of-satan7 Lies of Satan

7 Lies of Satan

endurance-of-faithEndurance of Faith

Endurance of Faith



the-serpentThe Serpent

The Serpent

unsung-heroesUnsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

the-still-small-voice-of-godThe Still Small Voice of God

The Still Small Voice of God

breaking-the-chains-week-2Breaking the Chains week 2

Breaking the Chains week 2

love-your-enemiesLove Your Enemies

Love Your Enemies



daniel-11Daniel 11

Daniel 11

condemned-already-ep-5Condemned Already (Ep. 5)

Condemned Already (Ep. 5)

mist-part-i-turn-it-aroundMIST PART I TURN IT AROUND


give-it-allGive It All

Give It All

beyond-our-wildest-dreams-re-mixed-ephesians-320-21Beyond our Wildest Dreams (re-mixed) (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Beyond our Wildest Dreams (re-...

living-lives-worthy-of-the-calling-ephesians-41-6Living Lives Worthy of the Calling (Ephesians 4:1-6)

Living Lives Worthy of the Cal...

the-faces-of-angels-blessedsacramentThe Faces of Angels (BlessedSacrament)

The Faces of Angels (BlessedSa...



fear-notFear Not!

Fear Not!


"Adopted by God"

73-the-shema-deuteronomy-64-9#73 The Shema, Deuteronomy 6.4-9

#73 The Shema, Deuteronomy 6.4...

episode-13EPISODE 13


session-3-working-with-godSession 3: Working with God

Session 3: Working with God

session-2-walking-with-godSession 2: Walking with God

Session 2: Walking with God

session-1-welcoming-godSession 1: Welcoming God

Session 1: Welcoming God

suffering-leads-to-peaceSuffering leads to Peace

Suffering leads to Peace

house-or-tentHouse or Tent

House or Tent

a-theology-of-christian-givingA Theology of Christian Giving

A Theology of Christian Giving