life-after-prisonLife After Prison...

Life After Prison...

psalm-7Psalm 7

Psalm 7

july-22nd-2018July 22nd 2018

July 22nd 2018

romans-5-part-2Romans 5 (part 2)

Romans 5 (part 2)

the-valuable-single-life-ephesians-531-32The Valuable Single Life (Ephesians 5:31-32)

The Valuable Single Life (Ephe...

a-man-named-james-god-loves-wise-guys-sermon-onlyA Man Named James - God Loves Wise Guys - (Sermon Only)

A Man Named James - God Loves...

a-man-named-james-god-loves-wise-guys-entire-serviceA Man Named James - God Loves Wise Guys - (Entire Service)

A Man Named James - God Loves...

jul-22-2018Jul 22, 2018

Jul 22, 2018

genesis-21-baby-laughterGenesis 21 (Baby Laughter)

Genesis 21 (Baby Laughter)

message-7-22-2018Message 7-22-2018

Message 7-22-2018

parables-weeds-and-wheatParables - Weeds and Wheat

Parables - Weeds and Wheat

respect-our-heavenly-fatherRespect Our Heavenly Father

Respect Our Heavenly Father

our-need-for-the-baptism-of-the-holy-spiritOur Need for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Our Need for the Baptism of th...

morning-worship-sermon-july-22-2018Morning Worship Sermon July 22 2018

Morning Worship Sermon July 22...

connection-with-godConnection With God

Connection With God

john-1616-33-in-a-little-whileJohn 16:16-33

John 16:16-33 "In a Little Whi...

the-bread-of-life-john-6-1-59The Bread of Life- John 6_1-59

The Bread of Life- John 6_1-59

hay-bendicion-en-obedecerleHay bendiciĆ³n en obedecerle

Hay bendición en obedecerle

i-am-the-resurrection-part-1-he-brings-dead-things-to-lifeI am the resurrection Part 1 He brings dead things to life.

I am the resurrection Part 1 H...

how-are-youHow Are You

How Are You

greater-than-pt-1-weaknessGreater Than Pt 1 - Weakness

Greater Than Pt 1 - Weakness

dont-settle-for-happinessDon't Settle for Happiness

Don't Settle for Happiness

i-am-resolvedI Am Resolved

I Am Resolved

making-peaceMaking Peace

Making Peace

learning-to-wait-on-godLearning to wait on God

Learning to wait on God



compassionate-heartCompassionate Heart

Compassionate Heart



reclaiming-jesus-a-modern-confession-affirmation-3Reclaiming Jesus: A Modern Confession- Affirmation 3

Reclaiming Jesus: A Modern Con...

overflow-lord-give-me-more-than-enoughOverflow: Lord Give Me More Than Enough

Overflow: Lord Give Me More Th...

count-the-cost-july-22-2018Count the Cost - July 22, 2018

Count the Cost - July 22, 2018

ministers-of-peaceMinisters of Peace

Ministers of Peace

abide-in-the-vineAbide in the Vine

Abide in the Vine

journey-deeperJourney Deeper

Journey Deeper

remember-the-sabbath-dayRemember the Sabbath Day

Remember the Sabbath Day

how-to-make-it-lastHow to Make It Last

How to Make It Last

a-master-plan-jul-22-1132amA Master Plan Jul 22 11:32am

A Master Plan Jul 22 11:32am

gods-needs-and-green-eggs-and-hamGod's Needs and Green Eggs and Ham

God's Needs and Green Eggs and...

20180722am-from-serve-us-to-service-norm-0120180722AM From Serve-Us to service-NORM_01

20180722AM From Serve-Us to se...

a-tale-of-three-pitsA Tale of Three Pits

A Tale of Three Pits

sanding-off-our-rough-edges-philippians-44-5Sanding off Our Rough Edges Philippians 4:4-5

Sanding off Our Rough Edges Ph...


"Sharing Christ"

7-22-18-the-church-jesus-intended7-22-18 The Church Jesus Intended

7-22-18 The Church Jesus Inten...

the-place-of-the-altar-pastor-chad-braleyThe Place of the Altar - Pastor Chad Braley

The Place of the Altar - Pasto...

the-lost-lambThe Lost Lamb

The Lost Lamb

a-picture-of-radical-obedienceA Picture of Radical Obedience

A Picture of Radical Obedience

whos-got-your-earWho's Got Your Ear?

Who's Got Your Ear?

wise-as-serpents-innocent-as-dovesWise As Serpents, Innocent As Doves

Wise As Serpents, Innocent As...



the-problem-of-sufferingThe Problem of Suffering

The Problem of Suffering

a-peaceful-heartA Peaceful Heart

A Peaceful Heart

adventure-camp-kickoff-sunday-morning-service-72218Adventure Camp Kickoff - Sunday Morning Service 7/22/18

Adventure Camp Kickoff - Sunda...

levels-of-freedom-cost-somethingLevels of Freedom - Cost Something

Levels of Freedom - Cost Somet...

love-god-love-peopleLove God Love People

Love God Love People

1-thessalonians-1-7-22-181 Thessalonians 1 7-22-18

1 Thessalonians 1 7-22-18

sermon-22-july-2018Sermon 22 July 2018

Sermon 22 July 2018

power-peace-and-praise-39-3Power peace and Praise 39 #3

Power peace and Praise 39 #3

the-wayThe Way

The Way

show-me-your-gloryShow Me Your Glory

Show Me Your Glory

compassion-in-desolate-placesCompassion in Desolate Places

Compassion in Desolate Places

hills-and-valleysHills And Valleys

Hills And Valleys

summer-secrets-part-3-when-you-get-lost-stay-putSummer Secrets (Part 3 - When You Get Lost, Stay Put)

Summer Secrets (Part 3 - When...

72218-love-it-is-all-that-easy-and-it-is-all-that-hard7.22.18 Love - it is all that easy and it is all that hard

7.22.18 Love - it is all that...

a-convenient-timeA Convenient Time

A Convenient Time

dcn-armando-sun-16th-ot-spanishDcn. Armando - Sun -16th OT - Spanish

Dcn. Armando - Sun -16th OT -...

a-nation-defiledA Nation Defiled!

A Nation Defiled!

faiths-focusFaith's Focus

Faith's Focus

toe-to-toe-with-godToe-to-Toe with God

Toe-to-Toe with God

i-amI AM


episode-6-shark-bite-ooh-ha-haEpisode 6: Shark Bite Ooh Ha Ha

Episode 6: Shark Bite Ooh Ha H...

blessings-in-unexpected-places-col-11-2Blessings in unexpected places. Col 1:1-2

Blessings in unexpected places...

the-hidden-treasure-and-the-precious-pearlTHe Hidden Treasure and the Precious Pearl

THe Hidden Treasure and the Pr...

prision-prayers-l-colossians-19-12Prision Prayers l; Colossians 1.9-12

Prision Prayers l; Colossians...

sermon-22nd-july-2018Sermon 22nd July 2018

Sermon 22nd July 2018

sermon-7-15-18Sermon 7-15-18

Sermon 7-15-18

183-magnificat-luke-146-55#183 Magnificat, Luke 1.46-55

#183 Magnificat, Luke 1.46-55

morning-meetingMorning Meeting

Morning Meeting

dab-july-22-2018-1DAB July 22 - 2018

DAB July 22 - 2018

community-prayer-july21-2018-1Community Prayer July21-2018

Community Prayer July21-2018

fr-joseph-vigil-16th-otFr. Joseph - Vigil - 16th OT

Fr. Joseph - Vigil - 16th OT

james-214-26James 2:14-26

James 2:14-26

prayer-self-denial-new-generationPrayer & Self-Denial New Generation

Prayer & Self-Denial New Gener...

exodus-the-path-of-righteousnessEXODUS- The Path of Righteousness

EXODUS- The Path of Righteousn...

loc-radio-bgk5a-lord-teach-us-to-pray-part-1LOC Radio BGK5a  Lord, Teach us to Pray, part 1

LOC Radio BGK5a Lord, Teach u...

what-is-your-planWhat Is Your Plan

What Is Your Plan

creating-intimacy-with-godCreating intimacy with God

Creating intimacy with God

1-corinthians-8-121 Corinthians 8-12

1 Corinthians 8-12

fallacies-and-truthFallacies and Truth

Fallacies and Truth



decades-the-80sDecades //

Decades // "The 80's"

182-the-day-is-coming-malachi-41-2#182 The Day is Coming, Malachi 4.1-2

#182 The Day is Coming, Malach...

dab-july-21-2018-1DAB July 21 - 2018

DAB July 21 - 2018

sons-and-seedsSons and Seeds

Sons and Seeds

find-your-song-part-3Find Your Song Part 3

Find Your Song Part 3

443-10-friday-week-2443 10 Friday Week 2

443 10 Friday Week 2

seeing-with-a-pure-heartSeeing with a Pure Heart

Seeing with a Pure Heart

grace-greater-than-the-trespass-ep-16Grace Greater Than the Trespass (Ep. 16)

Grace Greater Than the Trespas...

summer-road-trip-moneySummer Road Trip - Money

Summer Road Trip - Money

180715-why-did-god-give-us-his-law180715 Why Did God Give Us His Law?

180715 Why Did God Give Us His...

ten-steps-and-a-dance-transfigurationTen Steps and a Dance (Transfiguration)

Ten Steps and a Dance (Transfi...

fr-john-fri-15th-otFr. John - Fri - 15th OT

Fr. John - Fri - 15th OT

181-will-man-rob-god-malachi-38#181 Will man rob God?, Malachi 3.8

#181 Will man rob God?, Malach...